At the Editorial Office, the submitted articles are submitted to the preliminary assessment of compliance with requirements and The Quarterly Profile. In the case of non-compliance with The Quarterly Profile or other requirements, the articles are returned to the authors.

Articles qualified as compliant with The Quarterly Profile and prepared according to the requirements are sent to the relevant Thematic Editors. The Thematic Editor selects two reviewers from the recognized authorities in the field of knowledge (foreign and domestic, with special regard to members of the Mechanical Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences), who are not employed in The Quarterly publishing unit and outside the author's affiliated entity, to ensure independence of opinions and avoid conflicts of interest. After expressing consent to receive the article for review by the reviewer, the Thematic Editor will send to the reviewer a full text of the article along with the review form.

A list of Reviewers working with The Quarterly Editor is posted on the website and updated twice a year.

The review process is to be conducted to preserve confidentiality. Authors and Reviewers do not know their identity ("double-blind review process"), which means that the article addressed to the reviewers does not contain the personal details of the authors of the publication and the names of the reviewers of a particular article are implicit to the authors.

The reviewer submits a written review on the review form. The review must include a clear statement of (a) rejection of the article, or (b) qualification for publication without amendment, or (c) admission to publication after additions or corrections indicated by the reviewer.

The condition for qualifying the article for further stages of the publishing process is two positive reviews.

Authors are informed about the results of the reviews and receive them for examination in order to respond to reviewers' comments. Authors are requested to return the revised article within one month of receiving the review at the latest.

If the review concludes with the need for significant changes or additions, the article, after improvement, is directed to a second review to the same reviewer.

If the author of a peer-reviewed scientific text is part of the editorial team, he or she does not participate in the decision to accept the text for publication.

If the discrepancies in reviews make it impossible for the editorial team to make a publishing decision, the team has the right to appoint an additional reviewer.

Once the article has received two positive reviews and revisions or additions have been made according to reviewers' recommendations, the editorial team will submit the text for correction by a native speaker of the target language. The corrected text of the article along with the comments by the native speaker is sent to the author for verification of the changes.

In order to prevent "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship" cases, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Editorial Board requires publishers to submit a statement specifying the contributions of particular authors to the publication (including their affiliation and information about who is the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, etc.) The author submits the manuscript (declaration form).

Editors require publishers to provide information on sources of funding for publications, contributions from research institutions, associations, and other entities ("financial disclosure").

Editors reserve the right to refuse publication or removal of an article without giving a reason, especially when the text of the article is judged to be one or more of the following:

  • Violates copyrights and related rights,
  • It turns out to be unreliable,
  • Is of poor quality, or
  • Violates publishing rules in The Quarterly.

The editorial staff is not responsible for changes in the article’s text resulting from unauthorized access.

A condition of the publication of a scientific article is to pay a fee of, after qualifying the article for printing (based on the VAT invoice).

The Editor does not pay the fees for the articles submitted.

The Editor-in-Chief of The Quarterly issues a certificate confirming publication of the article at the author's request.

Where an article has more than one author, the terms of publication apply to each contributor, with the exception of the fee of 600 zł, which is per article rather than per author.

The editor does not return the submitted materials.

The payment

The fee for placing an article in The Quarterly magazine is PLN 600. After qualifying the article for printing, a fee should be paid into the following account:

Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji - PIB

Problemy Eksploatacji

71 1240 5703 1111 0000 4900 0081 (Bank Pekao S.A.)

The title of the wire transfer should include the name of the author (the name of the first author).