Prior to agreeing to write the review, the reviewer is required to evaluate their ability to prepare the review within the appointed time based on an order from the Editors of the Journal.

The reviewers should be experts in the thematic area of the publication, with at least a doctoral degree and a relevant academic record.

Reviewers are required to keep their opinions on the review article confidential.

Reviewers decide to classify the article for publication, taking into account the following, among others: an innovative approach to the topic, taking into account the current state of the art, the application of adequate methodology and the contribution of the conclusions to the state of research. It is also the responsibility of the reviewer to assess the degree of the independence of the assessed reasoning, including the determination of possible undisclosed borrowings and plagiarism. For translations from foreign languages, the reviewer also evaluates the correctness of the specialized translation terminology.

Each review is in written form and is prepared on the form provided by the Editor - (Reviewer's opinion).

The review should include a clear statement regarding the publication of the article. The reviewer indicates on the review form one of the following decision options:

  • Admission to publication in original author's version,
  • Admission to publication after changes and additions indicated by the reviewer (without re-review),
  • Admission to publication after additions and corrections indicated by reviewer (with re-review), and
  • Rejection of article.

The review should be prepared in a timely manner without consulting other reviewers.